English version: Christian Chavez calls on Freedom through hit song which is already an LGBT hymn

Former Rebelde Christian Chavez, who came out the closet in 2007 (way before Ricky Martin) is just 27 years old and shows maturity besides heading to the right track with the release of the hit Libertad, featuring muse Anahí with whom he starred in a Mexican soap opera – Rebeldes. In Brazil it was broadcasted by SBT. The video was launched on the internet this weekend and despite being made ​​entirely in the studio, it’s beautiful. Libertad is a hymn as no other ever made by a gay artist and it is going to make history. By the way, the duo performed in Brazil over the weekend in Rio and Sao Paulo, a real smasher.

“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned, “says Christian in a confessional at the beginning of the clip. “The grace of our Lord and His forgiveness have no limits, confess your sins and ye shall be free”, says the priest. Flashing hot scenes with gay kissing then back to the church. “That’s the problem Father, there’s nothing to confess. I am tired of apologizing”, says the singer. After such heavy introduction the song begins, the video clip was shot at a nightclub, the high tech environment and Anahí’s divine presence with her unmistakable timbre completes the picture. The singer appears grown up, fashionable and bulky, affirming he’s not a rebellious-red-haired boy anymore, but a self confident young man ready to speak up to an endless theme: freedom.

And Christian is here to shock: hanged gays, beatings, gay persecution and parades, homophobic people as Iranian President Marmud Armadinejad and Hitler, pastors famous for preaching against gays, besides scenes of war, gay kissing, straight kissing, a lot of fire, all mixed up appears on the background screen. “I just want freedom”, “It’s time to live without fear” – these are some statements in the video clip and it ends with a dedication from the singer: “To each and every soul in the world in search of a cry for freedom”.
A curiosity in the video clip is one of the characters, played by blogger Perez Hilton, who is dressed as a torturer white rabbit.

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